How To Look Fab For the Winter

Since winter has officially begun here in Chicago and the temperatures are dropping by the day, a change in wardrobe is now essential. This time of year can leave us feeling high and dry with no motivation when it comes to being presentable…amIright? It’s a lot easier to just throw on a huge coat and not care about what your outfit looks like underneath. Well let me be the first to say that the weather shouldn’t dictate your style. Overcome your seasonal depression by putting forth some effort into your appearance not just for the Holidays, but for the rest of the grueling winter days to follow. Have you ever felt like your outfit is too dull or missing something? Or have you ever just wanted to look effortlessly fabulous without sacrificing your warmth and well being? Well I wanted to share with you some of my personal wardrobe tips on how to style your ensemble to perfection.

My top 3 go-to tips when in doubt:

  • Layer it. Turtle neck sweaters are cute and cozy by themselves, but layer them underneath a corset, vest, blazer or dress, and you have just turned an average piece into a versatile and wearable statement. Or you can do a graphic tee, denim button up and a trench for a casual stylish flare. For colder weather, layer up your coziest knit with a wool blazer and a loose fitting trench to go on top or throw in my fav go to in the mix: faux fur coat. Layering is so fun (and so necessary in Chicago) so use your imagination with patterns and colors!
  • Belt it. Belts of all shapes, fabrics and sizes are so chic and can customize your wardrobe to go from dull to extraordinary. Adding a belt doesn’t solely mean for your jeans or pants… because who really uses a belt for its sole purpose anyway? You can belt a blazer closed, a knit or my RECENT favorite, belting a slouched trench. The possibilities are endless so long as you don’t limit yourself.
  • Accessorize it. Silk scarves have been my favorite accessories for a while and I feel like that’s because they’re not so mainstream. If you know me at all, you know that I’m a fan of all things unique, creative and timeless. You can also layer up with jewelry- whether gold necklaces that accentuate, or statement earrings that compliment; jewelry expresses elegance and femininity and ties all the pieces together. Throw in a colorful beret, or cabby hat, for the days your hair doesn’t cooperate or just for fun. Or if you are into the Blair Waldorf vibes, add in a pearl embellished headband and instantly go from girl next door to the Queen B of the Upper East Side!

Since Black Friday is just around the corner I hope this was a little insightful for you all to plan and prepare your shopping lists to endure the cold fabulously. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!!!

Share some of your favorite ways to style winter wardrobe!


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