Brunchin’ in the City: 5 Favorite Spots

Who doesn’t love the amazing combination of breakfast and lunch?! Eggy bacon goodness with the option of ordering chicken and a burger on the side…what’s not to love? The idea is brilliant and perfect for those lazy weekends when getting out of bed earlier than 10 am is just unacceptable. Saturdays and Sundays are the perfect time for my hubby and I to explore the vast amount of dining experiences this city has to offer. Since many restaurants are hit or miss, I’ve taken the liberty to create a list of the best brunch spots (in my opinion) in the city!Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset[Photo taken from google images]

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  1. NoMi Kitchen: Gorgeous upscale restaurant located within the Hyatt hotel overlooking Michigan Ave. and the Lakefront. This place is my favorite for brunch with a perfect view. Whether you get seated at their indoor dining hall with floor to ceiling windows or ask to be seated on their rooftop patio- either way you can’t go wrong. Fresh organic egg entrees, cheesey potatoes with broccoli and the combination of Tiger roll sushi (one of the best rolls I’ve ever had might I add) was just heaven to taste. We also had a cookies and cream milkshake to top it all off. I’m not one for milkshakes but John ordered it and after taking a sip, let’s just say I ended up finishing the rest 😉 The milk shake had an interesting array of flavors and textures from the crunchiness of the cookie, to the creaminess of the beer jam (YES I said beer) and the 2 polar opposite flavors complimented each other so unexplainably well. Take my word for it and give this place a try!Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset[Photo taken from google images]
  2. Eden: This Mediterranean style restaurant is an absolute MUST if you appreciate good food. Their brunch was exceptional- I asked for the eggs and skirt steak, which was perfectly cooked, and the crispy chicken sandwich which was also a hit. We also ordered the cherrywood pork belly on the side which was savory and delicious! Great place if you’re into aesthetically appealing food plus the mixture of bold flavors. Everything was fresh and amazing and if I could, I would order everything on the menu lol. Can’t wait to try their dinner next time!Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
  3. Summer House Santa Monica: No this is not located in California, but in Old Town. From the amazing open rooftop to the all white themed furniture, this place is a sun-filled spot with modern Cali vibes. Ya’ll should know by now I have an inevitable sweet tooth and the fact that they had a selection of baked goods right at the entrance from cheesecake cookies to marshmallow dream bars, I was instantly sold. Their brunch selections are more simple in comparison to my previous 2 spots but everything on the menu was delectable. We had the traditional egg breakfast, the Turkey burger and an order of brussel sprouts on the side. Everything was yummy and filling! Their bloody Mary was also pretty good (more on the spicier side). Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
  4. Bongo Room: There are three locations in the city and we decided to go to the Clark location in Andersonville. Tasty breakfast but what really drew me to their restaurant was their infamous pretzel white chocolate caramel pancakes and their French-toast tower. Good place if you want a more casual, sweet tasting brunch and patio-dining experience.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset[Photo taken from google images]
  5. The Publican: Cutesy atmosphere in Fulton Market, although the food took a little longer than usual to get to our table, they compensated with a jelly-filled doughnut which was unlike any I’ve ever had. The rest of their brunch options looked amazing and were hard to choose from. I enjoyed their thick-cut bacon soaked in maple syrup the most!

Give these places a try and let me know what you think! What’s your favorite brunch spot?



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